Welcome to Commerce!

August 16, 2022

New employee information

The following resources will help you settle in, get to work quickly and comfortably, and provide assistance in case of emergency.

New Hire Contacts

DOPLDave Taylor66214dbtaylor@utah.gov
ADMJulie Price66431julieprice@utah.gov
DCCCJonathan Herrick66037jherrick@utah.gov
DREKadee Wright
Mark Fagergren
Justin Barney
67967 66603
kadeewright@utah.gov markf@utah.gov justinbarney@utah.gov
DCPKim Wheeler66611kdwheeler@utah.gov
SECAshlee Buchholz66403abuchholz@utah.gov
DPUStefanie Liebert66285sliebert@utah.gov
OCSMichele Beck66644mbeck@utah.gov
OPROJordan Cullimore66298jcullimore@utah.gov
OLPRJeff Shumwayjshumway@utah.gov
Additional Contacts
Computer/Phone IssuesDTS801-538-5770 
Temporary Access BadgeDFCM801-530-6599 
Admin. Exec. AssistantJulie Price801-530-6431julieprice@utah.gov
Intranet AccessJason Back66255jback@utah.gov
Employee Resource Information Center (ERIC)Division of Human Resource Management801-538-3742Main Email: AskERIC@utah.govPayroll Email:ERICpayroll@utah.gov
Commerce encourages the exchange of cell phone numbers between employees and their direct supervisor in case of emergency.

Surge/Remote Work

The state of Utah allows employees set-up to work remotely to work from home on “surge days,” which may be taken as a precaution against the spread of COVID-19, in cases of inclement weather, or on poor air quality days in order to reduce transportation related pollution.  Surge days are often classified with little notification; therefore, employees are encouraged to follow @remoteworkutah on Twitter for up to date announcements on surge days.  Your direct supervisor or new hire contact may also be of assistance on potential surge days.

Dress Code

Employee attire at the Utah Department of commerce is business casual.  However, business professional dress is required at times, especially among division directors and management level staff.  Fridays are currently “dress casual” days.  However, the following rules for casual dress listed under “Employee Code of Conduct” (found on the department’s Intranet still apply:

“Employees shall be appropriately groomed and dressed for their position, and shall wear neat, clean, well-maintained, and professional attire appropriate to the type of work they do. Body art (tattoos) that depicts violence, profanity, is gang related, is of a sexually explicit nature, or is deemed workplace inappropriate must not be visible. Employees also shall maintain good personal hygiene. In compliance with this policy, the following are examples of unacceptable attire, even on a day designated as a “dress-down” day:

a. torn, patched/faded clothing;

b. tank tops;

c. halter tops;

d. tube tops;

e. bare midriffs;

f. sweats;

g. athletic clothing;

h. leggings, unless appropriately covered by other clothing;

i. muscle shirts;

j. skirts shorter than mid-thigh;

k. shorts; and

l. shirts with obscene or foul language or images.”

COVID-19 Procedures

Executive Director, Margaret Busse recommended the following guidelines to Utah Department of Commerce employees:

“With the emergence of the Omicron variant, Utah case counts are rivaling numbers seen at the height of the pandemic. As such, we are strongly encouraging all employees to wear face coverings when in prolonged close contact with/meeting with others… as cases rise. 

While I know some – myself included – find it harder to communicate wearing a mask, at this time it is prudent to wear one in light of the rapid spread of the Omicron variant. Mask wearing is not mandatory, but I hope that each of you will join me in wearing a mask. Medical masks, including N95 and KN95 masks, are more effective than cloth masks at preventing infection. We have a supply of KN95 masks available to any Commerce employee who wants one at Julie Price’s desk in Administration on the second floor.”

At the Utah Department of Commerce, vaccines and booster shots are encouraged.


Each division is responsible for managing parking accommodations for their employees.  Employees will be asked to park in one of the following locations:

· The underground parking garage accessible on 200 E. in between 300 S. and 400 S.

· The Wells Fargo Parking garage accessible on Broadway (300 S.) in between Main St. and State St.

· The north parking lot, across from the Heber M. Wells building, accessible through Edison St., off of 200 S.

If you are unable to access parking for any reason, you may park in the Broadway Parking garage, across from the Heber M. Wells building for a fee.  Ask the new hire contact in your division for a one-day parking validation.


Commerce IT staff will provide you with access to the Commerce intranet.  Within your first week, you will receive an email with log-in information.  The intranet has a number of valuable resources including:

· A department directory, complete with employee pictures for reference

· Safety Guidelines and evacuation information

· A room scheduler to schedule boardrooms for large meetings/lunches, etc.

· Wellness and Culture Information·   Department policy and procedure


The following map shows restaurant options within walking distance of the Heber M. Wells Building in orange.  For a closer look, click here.