Employee Spotlight – Abdinasir M. Abdulle

January 10, 2022

Originally from Somalia, East Africa Abdinasir M. Abdulle from our Division of Public Utilities is a stellar Utility Technical Consultant.

He has worked for Commerce in the Division of Public Utilities, for about 21 years. And his responsibilities include analyzing utility applications, tariffs, contracts, cost studies, rate designs, utility operations and service quality. It also entails monitoring utility compliance with state laws and Utah Public Service Commission rules and orders. He also is responsible for the preparation of reports, recommendations, and testimonies regarding regulatory matters.

As you can tell from the above mentioned responsibilities, he deals with a myriad of issues and usually he deals with them not only individually but also with his Public Utilities group. He said “The level of cooperation among the employees at the Division is superb and the employees are highly qualified and capable people. I enjoy working with them. I also enjoy the diversity of the issues we deal with. My job is never boring.”

Abdinasir went back to his native Somalia in 2011 for about a year and a half to serve as the Minister of Finance and Treasury for the Federal Republic of Somalia. Luckily when he was done with his service to his home country we were able to get him back with us at The Department of Commerce with Public Utilities once again.

He is hardworking, smart, kind and has a great love for working with and talking to people. So happy to have such a stellar employee here at Commerce. Thank you for being part of the Commerce Family Abdinasir.