Commerce in the News

December 6, 2021

The work we do at the Department of Commerce is often the source of local news stories. Here are a couple that have been done recently:


KSL’s investigation team has covered Department of Commerce a couple times recently. First involving DOPL’s Residence Lien Recovery program. This is a program that protects homeowners that have paid their contractor in full, but subcontractors did not receive payment. We explained the program and why it’s in place. We also promoted the DOPL’s State Construction Registry, which is a tool homeowners can use to track who is working on their project.

The KSL investigative team also looked into moving company scams, a fairly recent disturbing trend where moving companies have been reportedly taking advantage of those moving during the seller’s market. The crux of the scam involves companies moving things out of a customer’s home and then holding the items ransom for an additional fee. Our Consumer Protection Division has seen an increase in the number of complaint about moving companies. Our part in this story involved advising customers to do their homework on companies, and making sure to read terms and conditions in the contracts.

Channel 2 also reached out about terms and conditions. This time related to concert tickets. As with the previous story, advice to consumers was to read terms and conditions. The other message was that if someone feels a company is being dishonest in their dealings, they can file a complaint with our Consumer Protection Division.