Employee Spotlight – Laurel North

November 26, 2021

During this last year we had one commerce employee who had a goal of visiting every State Park in Utah.  She even collected the stickers of the ones she has been to and has placed them on her laptop as a reminder of her excellent year of adventures.

Out of all the State Parks she visited two parks stand out as her personal favorites: Fremont Indian State Park and Museum because of all the incredible hikes to view pictographs and petroglyphs from several different time periods and Snow Canyon State Park because she witnessed a phenomenal family parade of Desert Turtles cross the road and was able to take fabulous pictures.

Laurel North of our Division of Real Estate is that adventurous employee.  Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Laurel has been with DRE for 2 and a half years and is a Lead Investigator. As a Lead Investigator she reviews and analyzes the reports of DRE’s amazing investigators for accuracy, content and quality of collected evidence.

Her favorite thing about working for the the Department of Commerce is that she loves the idea of protecting the public and promoting responsible business practices in real estate, appraisal and mortgage industries… which is in fact is DRE’s mission statement.

If anyone has any questions about a State Park here in Utah and happens to run into Laurel, please say hi and don’t feel shy to ask her about her adventures.