Employee Spotlight – Michael Moore

October 27, 2021

Hope everyone had the opportunity to see the Halloween decorating in the Heber Wells Lobby during the month of October, it was amazing!.  Our very own Commerce employee Michael Moore was the mastermind behind this and we thought it would be a fun opportunity for everyone to get to know the employee who helps us be a little more festive during the Holidays.

Michael was born and raised in California and has been living in Utah for the last 21 years, he works in the Division of Corporations and has been with the Department of Commerce for 7 years.  Before he joined Commerce he worked for Salt Lake City for 13 years.

When he first started working for Commerce he would decorate his own area and that turning into his division and then a second division and that turned into the Lobby.  It all started his walking through the lobby years ago and his seeing a sad poorly decorated Christmas tree in the lobby which had been tied to a pole to stand up.  One day he asked if it would be okay if he could put up his own tree and decorations up and as luck would have it for everyone at Heber Wells he was given approval.